2022 Review of V7 Expert Tire Foam Cleaner

Summary of V7 Tire Foam Cleaner Name: V7 Tyre Cleaner Website: Not available Price: R50 or 170 at Take a lot Owner: V7 Expert Overall Rank: 3 V7 Tire Foam Cleaner: Product Review As a car-wash owner, sourcing new product is important especially when I want to ensure efficiency, maintain quality service and remain profitable.  […]


How Rain Data Bundles cost me R3000 in two months

I have been using the R250 Rain data bundle since 2018 and it was rated to be the cheapest data bundle that offers simpler, no contract, and pay of data you use. After reading some reviews on the cheapest data in South Africa from the Mybroadband website, I was convinced that I have found the […]

2019 Bucket list Tandem paragliding experience at Signal Hill Cape Town

Tandem paragliding at Signal Hill in cape town provided me with a different perspective about Cape Town while soaring like an eagle in the air. This is another adventure rated among the top 20 things to do in Cape Town which is most recommendable to add as an item in your bucket list when visiting […]

Stockvel Travel Club Tips

Introducing Stockvel Travel Clubs Stockvels clubs have been in existence since the beginning of times. Although they were documented as early as 1962, the banks such as SAMBOU BANK, People’s banks, IEMAS as some reminders of the people’s quest for club savings methods. Lately, there has been an increase in the club savings for buddy […]



Travel is a noun and a verb. It is also a business and a product which is natural, simple and complicated at the same time. The mention of the word travel evokes various emotions depending on the circumstances and conditions of an individual. I had aspirations to travel as a young boy from the rural […]