2019 Bucket list Tandem paragliding experience at Signal Hill Cape Town

Tandem paragliding at Signal Hill in cape town provided me with a different perspective about Cape Town while soaring like an eagle in the air. This is another adventure rated among the top 20 things to do in Cape Town which is most recommendable to add as an item in your bucket list when visiting South Africa. You will get to see some of the amazing views like

Cape Town Tandem paragliding Rating

We all set goals in life whether written or just in our heads. One may not always be aware when such goals will materialize. Paragliding was among the bucket list items I have written in my 50 things to do while I am still alive and before I reach 50. I was inspired by Jim Rohn in the YouTube video about setting goals.

In 2019 I have found myself working and residing in Cape Town and this felt like a bliss. Cape Town is a place buzzing with all the most beautiful places and many things one can do.

Being Prepared for the paragliding

I have watched people flying in the air and it aroused my desire to get myself on one of these. However, this was quite an emotional journey because this decision sparked another internal conversation. Being an engineer and with some experience in the mechanics, the two voices in my head, one being enthusiastic, while the other voice counting all that could go wrong or not work out. I finally decided that the best way to know if something really is worth it is when I do it. So, I reached a verdict to take this paragliding.

Tandem Paragliding Cape town

Preparation for such a flight requires your trust in yourself in terms of the experience and the trust in the tandem flight instructors (This). There is no skill required for you or any practice necessary other than running few steps to take off and when you are landing.

Beside emotional battle that must win against cons, you may need to be prepared financially. Tandem paragliding is quite an experience and the cost is quite competitive. What is really covered is your flight:

  • Tandem paragliding flight – R1400
  • In-Flight Photos & Videos +4Gig memory card – R300 (optional)
  • T-Shirt for Men/Woman – R200 (Optional)
  • Booking – R300

I will recommend that you check the current pricing because they are seasonal. You can check Cape Town Tandem paragliding by clicking here.


I did not book for my tandem flight because I was just by the Cape Town beach to come and relax alone and take some walk by the beach front. As a result, I had to wait in the queue for the next available Tandem flight to arrive. In case, you have some preferred times to fly, then you can book for as little as R300 online through the tandem para glide website or their contacts as listed on the websites. You can also come cape town around Rock lands and Anchor bay beach and see the booking tents and landing space.


The Cape Town tandem flights take off at either Signal Hill or Lions Head mountains depending on the weather conditions. On that morning, I was informed that the take off would be at signal hill and landing next to Anchor beach. I was at the landing site and had to ascend to the take off point at Signal Hill. My tandem flight instructor, Dave, and myself drove up on a winding road to the top of the highest peak of signal hill. While driving up the mountain, my internal negative talk began to increase the volume. I began to wonder as how would I really be able to take off. My mind began to wonder on several possibilities of my being unable to jump into the air. My instructor was so sensitive and quite jolly and kept talking and this was in a way helping keeping my nerves down.

Driving up the mountain took us 10 minutes and I thought to myself, then the flight would be anything around 5 minutes. It was a nice sight being up at Signal Hill and watching Cape Town Stadium and the most amazing view of most parts of Cape Town. When you are here, the breeze of the wind and the altitude really gives you that amazing feeling.


Before meeting the instructor, I had no idea as to how flying would take place. The receptionist were very amazing and so polite. Peter Wallenda, the tandem paragliding flight instructor (TFI) shared with me his vast experience and his passion in flying. He even explained to me some challenges he has ever experienced while flying and providing instruction and training. The tandem flight instructors (This) are highly motivated, energetic, registered with the South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (SAHPA). I have actually met more than three (3) This before I was about to take off and they were all smiling and interested in my ride.


A 30-minute flight would be equivalent to an airplane flying between Johannesburg and Durban. No experience is needed to take off other than your ability to take few steps. All you need is to trust your instructor and that is all I did. Looking down from Signal Hill towards Anchor Beach was almost like 500m.

Taking off is easy, however, you need to pay attention to the instruction. Although I kept on wondering as to the process of taking off and possibilities of sliding and failing to take off, finally we were in the air. I looked down and saw the beauty of Cape Town. It was finally happening and my dream of being on this flight was a reality.


If you are and adventure driven person, this is one of the item experiences i fully recommend that you add to your bucket list of your life goals. This can be quite a great adventure for couples, group or stockvel club travel or for individual people. If you wanna book as a club, 

Tandem paragliding flight instructors are awesome and very professional, providing an amazing and exhilarating experience. The opportunity to steer the tandem, the view and the fun of the liberating experience while watching Cape Town is indescribable.

This flight would not be suitable for any person who is afraid of heights and those who generally don’t enjoy fun. In addition, it would be a suitable for someone who is pregnant or with some other injuries. I cannot remember being asked of any medical condition other than being made to sign an indemnity form.

The only con I noticed was the safety talk because I was not initiated in terms of the safety and the risks which may be encountered in the flight. There was no quick induction regarding the safety as well as the procedures that would be followed in case we are in danger.

Book you next advendture here and also enjoy to reserve your seat with any airline without paying any deposit in case you are coming from outside Cape Town.


6 thoughts on “2019 Bucket list Tandem paragliding experience at Signal Hill Cape Town

  1. Paragliding is definitely a fun that one could never wish to miss, I have seen on various occasions where people go paragliding and I can tell you that its way fun than anything else I have even seen….the cool breeze and night that comes with it makes its it way too fun and in resistable.

    Paragliding might look really Scarry and risky but trust me it’s really fun.

    1. Thank you very much, Evans and I really appreciate your comment. I must admit I was excited until I was on the bus to the top of the mountain. It was quite an awesome experience once I was flying in the air. That is why I would recommend it for any person who is into adventure, especially at Cape Town.

  2. I think that is really cool that you a bucket list of 50 things to do before you are 50 and you are actually accomplishing  them. That’s awesome. I am terrified of heights, so paragliding  is definitely  not on my bucket list. Although,  I appreciate you taking all about it. However, I would like to go to Cape Town. It looks pretty. 

    1. Thank you Amanda, I appreciate your feedback. You are quite right, paragliding is not recommendable for people with a fear of heights. Cape Town offers so many more activities and you get to experience the two oceans (Indian and Atlantic). The most beautiful part is the landscape and the serenity as you travel around the place. 

  3. I’m afraid of heights but at the same time I’m someone who likes to conquer fear rather than succumb to them and everyone I’ve ever talked with who is involved in paragliding has loved the experience through and through, so it’s something I’d be more than willing to try and conquer my fear of heights. The huge pro for me with going for this is the view – which would likely take my mind off the fear.

    I’ll give you a good example – I was a hardcore agoraphobic until my friend insisted we visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, where the NFL-related theme kept my mind off the fear. Before COVID-19 got bad, I was on the cusp of taking a job in a huge mall up in Cleveland, and had visited and walked the place several times. Sadly, it fell through when they shut down the non-essentials, but hey, gives me more time to do this! 

    Anyway, now that I conquered that fear, what fear can’t I conquer? And to do something like paragliding halfway across the world in South Africa would be a treat. 

    1. Thank you, Todd, I really appreciate you sharing. I had all the fears in the world including writing my own name. In 2011 I got involved in a car accident and broke my left arm. While lying in the hospital, I began to reflect on the value of living and health. That was a turning point in my life because I decided to live in full every day. It was like a movie called “The Bucket List” because next to me, there was an old man who was terribly injured. I then made my 50 things to do while I am still alive. 

      Paragliding is really scary and for people with a fear of heights, it is not something to try because it can terribly go wrong especially if you are fly around Cape Town Rock land beach. 

      Come to Cape Town and you will never regret your experience. 

      Thank you again.

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