2022 Review of V7 Expert Tire Foam Cleaner

Summary of V7 Tire Foam Cleaner

Name: V7 Tyre Cleaner

Website: Not available

Price: R50 or 170 at Take a lot

Owner: V7 Expert

Overall Rank: 3

V7 Tire Foam Cleaner: Product Review

As a car-wash owner, sourcing new product is important especially when I want to ensure efficiency, maintain quality service and remain profitable. 

I saw this product on YouTube adverts as well as on Facebook sponsored adverts. It really looked like a magic pill for my problem of washing cars. Cleaning tires, shining, and giving them a good finish is a pride of any car-wash owner. The videos provided me with an appetite to check this magic product at Zeerust Car Wash run by PND Cleaning Solutions.

I checked most of the reviews of the V7 Expert Multipurpose cleaner, and it was rated five stars on the Takealot website as well as some google sites. There were few people who gave a really bad experience with the product and this led me to try it out.

I will provide you with my personal experience which I documented at the PND Cleaning Solutions. We wash more than 10 cars daily and some are muddy and soiled. Does V7 Expert tire foam cleaner remove the dirt as advertised or seen on TV?

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The Good and the Bad

The Good: Pros

Pro 1: Three Steps and Ease of Use 

The V7 Expert Tire foam clean comes in two sizes from Zeerust local shops and from street vendors. I could purchase it online at Takealot, Mystoreafrica, bid or buy, and Builders online shopping. 

It is an aerosol spray that you must first shake well before use, then spray on the tire 15-20cm away from the tire. You then allow it to dry within a few minutes. It is expected to give you a spectacular shine on your tire. 

The ease of use was a great take for me because it reduced my time by 75% of cleaning and dressing my tires.

Pro 2: Works on Any condition of the tire

Most tire dressing, car-wash wax, or tire shine products, require that your tire is thoroughly clean and dry. This is a busy car wash or during a rainy or cloudy period, it might take longer to get a dry tire or require you to wipe the tires with a dry cloth or air dryer.

The V7 tire foam cleaner is recommended to work even on wet, muddy, or tires that are not even prepared. After washing the tires with soap and pressure water, the tires will be only wet and clean. However, I wanted to test if this product was providing the level of service as advertised on TV.

Pro 3: V7 Expert tire foam cleaner is affordable Pricing 

What would be affordable or the right pricing for such a product? Just like any other cost, when you buy online, you may be able to buy this product for under $3.5  or fifty rand in South African rands when you buy it at Zeerust local shops or street vendors.

 When I checked online, I noticed that Takealot, bidorbuy, and other online retailers such as Makro, game stores and builder warehouse, etc, would retail the product at $8.5 (ZAR 125-00).

The Bad: Cons

Con 1: V7 Expert Tire foam cleaner does not clean the mud on the tire

When I saw a foam cleaner, I had hopes that the product would magically remove the dirt and leave the tire sparkling clean. Having watched several Youtube videos, I had to agree that there are a lot of lies and fake production to get likes. I do not find most people who are demonstrating anything for a car wash guys. This was the only guy who honestly admitted that you must first thoroughly clean the tire before applying the foam.

What you see on TV and its [erformance in practice are more parallels. The only reason I wanted such a product was, first to cut the cleaning time, secondly to provide a great impression and high quality looking furnish to the customer’s cars. 

The first part of cutting down the time was really met because the product was easy to apply. However, the product could not remove the dirt of the Zeerust soiled roads on the tires.

Con 2: V7 Expert Tire Foam Cleaner does not give a lasting shine

 V7 Expert tire foam cleaner is shown to be simple to apply and gives a very long-lasting shine on tires. The word expert created an expectation of an amazing performance and couldn’t expect less for such a product. The product was easy to apply but after a minute, there was a dry look on most of the tires and dull. The shine is not superior that most of the other products I have used to clean tires with.

I applied this product to another car, and within a few minutes, the tires were simply dark with no shine. I had to apologize to the customer and explain that this was a new product we were testing. So, do not expect an amazing shine when using the V7 expert tire foam cleaner.

Who is this V7 Tire Foam Cleaner for?

The V7 tire foam cleaner is a handy can aerosol spray that comes in a variety of sizes. It is much easier to use, by simply shaking the can, spraying, and waiting for 2-3 minutes while it dries. 

Most of the cans can spray an average of 40-60 tires depending on the area size of the wall tires. The pricing of the V7 tire foam cleaner could be a more attractive feature and its ease of use. 

In my experience with this kind of product, I noticed that it is more attractive for DIY car, truck, or bike cleaning because it will give you a good finish. Always make sure that your tire is properly cleaned because it does not actually clean the tire but instead gives a good lustrous look on the tires.

V7 Expert Tire Foam Cleaner Tools and Training

The V7 expert tire foam cleaner comes with instructions to use printed on the can. Before you use this product, check the expiry date printed under the can. This is the first instruction you will find on the small printed instructions.

If you have watched some adverts about the V7 Multipurpose cleaner, you might think that you know how this product is supposed to be used:

Step 1: Shake the can very well

Step 2: Position the can almost 15-20cm away from the tire

Step 3: Spray on the tire evenly and wait for it to dry for 3 to 4 minutes. Do not wipe

The challenge is when you are 20 cm away from the tire, the tire foam begins to spread all over the rims and onto other surfaces. This may affect the results you may get with your application of this product.

While spraying on the tire, you may observe some white residue or during the drying period. It is advisable that you wipe out this residue with a soft brush or a sponge to ensure a good finish on your tire.

V7 Expert Tire Foam Cleaner Support

The product is manufactured in china and is marketed in the country by South African Online supporters, drop shippers, and affiliate marketers. 

There is no support for this product in the country or the person you can contact or call. The product is sold by promoting companies, through online marketing agencies, and some main local stores.

V7 Expert Tire Foam Cleaner Price

Where would you find such a product when you are in South African small towns just like Zeerust in the Northwest province? I first had to google for pricing and check the average prices available on the market. 

The retailing price for the 660ml can be in the region of $3 (ZAR 50) and $8.3 (ZAR129). The online shops were actually selling this product at $9 (ZAR 135) and when you account for the courier charges, then the total cost to receive this product from either bidorbuy, Takealot, Builder, Makro, etc, may vary between S4 and $8. Some of the online the stores like Takealot will deliver for free if you buy any item or your total purchase exceeds $26 (ZAR 400). 

The product is also marketed via the direct marketers and product promoters in Zeerust. We have some local stores which keep the product in their stock such as Bala Bala and it retails for $3 (ZAR 40-52)

My Final Opinion of V7 Expert Tire Foam Cleaner

When I bought the V7 Expert tire foam cleaner, I wanted the most efficient, fast, easy to use solution to clean car tires at my start-up and growing car wash. Cleaning tires, dressing, and ensuring a cleaner wash for the customer’s vehicles is really important and crucial in a car-wash business.

The V7 Expert tire foam cleaner has delivered in terms of its ease of use, simplicity, and in reducing the time to clean the tires of vehicles. The 3 step process of simply cleaning your tire with water, applying the V7 expert tire foam cleaner even when the tires are still wet, and waiting for it to dry before driving off was impressive.

V7 expert tire foam cleaner is mostly suited for DIY car detailers, home car washing, or private use. The cost would not be viable for the small carwash business due to the cost of cleaning 4 tires of a car. 

The V7 Expert Tire Foam Cleaner does not provide the cleaning capabilities but it is a simplified method to apply the tire shine and get a good finish. Never try this product on the muddy tires because it will not give you desired impressive finish. The tires will be shining but not clean and this can be an embarrassing moment if you present the car to the client.

V7 Expert Tire Foam Cleaner at a glance…

The V7 Expert tire foam cleaner is marketed and promoted as a simple, fast and impressive tire cleaner for your vehicles. The promise of removing dirt and giving you a lasting shine on your tires could be misleading. In my own experience and after testing V7 expert tire foam cleaner on various car tires with varying degrees of dirtiness, I am convinced that 

1) It is easy to apply

2) It provides a good shine on tires, and

3) It does not clean or remove dirt on tires.

The V7 expert tire foam cleaner is a legit product that can be purchased at Takealot, game stores, builders’ warehouses, and if you are in Zeerust at Bala or from other street vendors. It does save time and is cost-effective but not my recommendation for the car-wash business.

Verdict: Legit/Not Legit

The V7 Expert Tire foam cleaner is a very unique formulated product for cars, motorbikes and truck tire cleaning and tire services. In terms of cleaning, I would not recommend the tire cleaning functionality at all, but in terms of providing a shine, I would give it 4 stars because 

1) It is easy to apply

2) It is cost-effective for the DIY car care,

3) It does not clean tires but simply works as a gloss on your tires.

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It is always a good idea to try tire foam cleaner on a small section first. I have always had a hard time finding one that will actually work and clean without damage. It is great that you are offering your experience with the product as a professional cleaner. I will be looking into buying this foam cleaner you recommend tomorrow and have also shared with a good friend of mine that has their own portable detailing cleaning service. 

Thank you Jeanette for your compliments and encouragement. When I bought the product, every review was compelling me to try it. Working in the carwash, finding something which could reduce my time to clean tires would be a great miracle. I was amazed that this product is going for a lesser price on the junk-mail website. I will in the future try it on a smaller surface. 

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