How Rain Data Bundles cost me R3000 in two months

I have been using the R250 Rain data bundle since 2018 and it was rated to be the cheapest data bundle that offers simpler, no contract, and pay of data you use. After reading some reviews on the cheapest data in South Africa from the Mybroadband website, I was convinced that I have found the best deal. 

If you anything like me, always looking to save on frequently used items or commodities like data while you enjoying quality coverage and reliability, Rain data deals would have appealed to you. 

In 2019 when I began to travel more and was more into blogging, I was using a lot of data and spending more money on prepaid data. I found myself spending more than R600  on 40-60 Gigabytes of data. I have just started my online affiliate marketing to build a data asset and generate additional income in order to substantiate my income I was getting in my daily work. The most frustrating experience is to run out of data while you are streaming a lesson, attending a webinar or maybe taking an online lesson. 


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Table of Contents

  1. Is Rain data the cheapest data deal in South Africa?
  2. How a 19-hours unlimited R250 data bundle cost me R3000
  3. Rain Data Service
  4. Before you place your order of the mobile data bundle check the network coverage
  5. Activating your Rain Simcard
  6. Pros of Rain data deals
  7. Some Issues with Rain Data bundles
  8. Summary of my Review
Rain Internet service provider Review Table

The most frustrating thing about data packages is the hidden terms like “Unlimited” or “cheapest bundle data” and many more. I would find myself having bought data and it would get finished so quickly.



Is Rain data the cheapest data deal in South Africa?

In 2019, Rain offered the R50/Gig pay as you use and the 19-hours Unlimited off-peak R250 (month to month) data deals.  When comparing Rain  Data deal with Telkom, Vodacom, Mtn Cell-C, and Virgin Mobile prepaid data deals, Rain Data deal was only 5c/MB or as low as R50/ Gig. The main players in the data supply were charging R99-149 for 1 Gig of data on a 30-day basis. 

How a 19-hours unlimited R250 data bundle cost me R3000

When I choose Rain data bundle plan, I only read the cost as 5c/MB, and seeing that I would only purchase 1 Gig for R50, then in comparison to other networks, this was a real bargain. The 19-hours unlimited off-peak data was quite an emotional appeal and sounded like a great deal.   The following attributes were really more attractive to say “No ” to:-

  • No monthly fees,
  • No contracts
  • No data expiry 
  • Pay for what you use only
  • Never be without data
  • 7-days free data

Rain data was already all over the network and marketed their offering over social media.


There were three packages to really choose from:

Rain Data Bundle Deals
Rain Data Network Data Deals

I chose the 19 hours unlimited off-peak R250-00 (month to month) rates because the unlimited was really a big selling point for me. The pay as you use (R50/Gig) and the Unlimited 19 hours deal (R250-00) seemed to be really confusing. The pay as you use is a flat rate approach where you pay 5c/MB for both peak and off-peak times.

On the contrary, my choice was more like a good flat rate, which offers the 5c/MB p for peak periods (6:00-23:00). The off-peak period is now between (23:01-5:59) is supposed to be unlimited time. 


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Rain Data Service

Rain SIMCARD is only available for purchase via their online shop.

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In 2019, Rain has just begun trading as a data service provider, and they established a Rain online store to sell the Simcard which were couriered to customers. I must honestly appreciate the seamless buying online as well as the continuous service delivery on their promise to be an affordable, simple mobile data service. Their verification process and the delivery of the Simcard was the fastest I have ever experienced in my lifetime dealing with telecommunication companies.

Before you place your order of the mobile data bundle check the network coverage

Before making my purchase of the Simcard, I used the coverage map to verify whether my address and location were covered. And besides my location, I wanted to make sure that at least 70% of the time I would be covered. With this approach, I quickly noticed that I would not be able to use the Simcard at my rural home place in Madikwe. This was not a big pain for me because I knew that at least while I am in Cape Town and touring other places like Johannesburg I would not have any issues.

Activating your Rain SimcardRain Data Simcard

I paid R50 for the Simcard and the courier fee was R120. I was notified by SMS prior to the dispatch of the Simcard that I must have a copy of an ID and proof of my address with me. These FICA documents are necessary for the RICA and activation of your Simcard. My Simcard was already activated within 2 hours after it was delivered to me. I was so impressed with the great service and the quality of the SIMCARD packaging was marvelous. 

This is the best-packaged Simcard I have ever come across. In the box, it has a pin that you can use for phones and other smartphones that require a pin to open a Simcard and memory card slots. The Simcard can fit the regular, micro, and nano phone slots. 



Pros of Rain Data Deals

  • No contract
  • Pay for what you used for the month
  • No need to be out of data if you have a Rain network Simcard
  • Offers great quality and efficient service 
  • Control of your account on their online shop
  • Transparency


Some Issues with Rain Data bundles 

  • It is only a data network
  • You cannot use it to set-up WhatsApp, Uber, and other services that require your number. However, you can use the data on your phone and access those apps through your old numbers.
  • You will need to have a dual sim card phone or have a router because it is only data Simcard. 
  • The data is only cheap up to 10 Gig in comparison with other networks on a prepaid. This works well for people who already have phones. 
  • If you are going to use more than 10 Gig of data, you may have to opt for their unlimited data deal of R479-00 24/7 Unlimited data.


Summary of my Review

Rain is a data-only network and the Simcard is only used for data purposes. With the data calling services being offered on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms, these are quite useful as long as your within the coverage area. The Simcard cannot send or receive SMSes and you will need another Simcard for your voice-calling requirements.  

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This is a very nice post you have here. I have not heard about this rain data bundle before but it’s very nice to see you give this information on it here on your website. Eit seems like it is much better than a lot of others. I don’t know if he is not a bad person who has the same thing as well as well and I don’t know if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at all.

Heloo Dear, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative piece on the topic titled, how rain data bundles cost me r3000 in two months. I have actually learnt a lot of information in rain data bundles from this article, I have basically never used it before.. now I know it’s uses and reaches. Thanks for sharing. 

Thanks a lot, Sheddy, Rain is a South African Data mobile network and it is providing a cheaper rate on their data bundles. I appreciate for sharing your comments and compliments. 

Hello dear, thanks for sharing such amazing concise information with us all these, I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad I am really glad

Thanks a lot, Skuchmane for your compliments and I really appreciate for the positive feedback.

Hello there thanks for the review, I must commend you for sharing such an informative fact about this network service. This is actually my first time hearing of this network company and from what I’ve read so far I think it is a good service provider only that it is limited to data purposes only. Asides that I think their data bundles are cheap and quite affordable.

Thanks a lot Philebur and appreciate your comments. This is a South African network that offers a data-only kind of service. 

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