Travel is a noun and a verb. It is also a business and a product which is natural, simple and complicated at the same time. The mention of the word travel evokes various emotions depending on the circumstances and conditions of an individual.

I had aspirations to travel as a young boy from the rural villages while watching the aeroplanes (flymachines as we called them). I was more inspired every time I went to town to buy groceries and clothes 75 km. My inspiration came when I was studying geography, listened to radio news and the day I saw New York on the movie (Baeskop). I started travelling locally every Saturday to climb the near mountains and go into the forests. I began to visit nearby towns just to see what was life like in those cities. And now I am enjoying the travel anywhere I can afford to go.

This site is to find easier ways to learn about travel, simplify process and assess what the various aspects, products and service offered by this industry. Nowadays we have Apps, virtual reality travel gadgets, agents, websites and many more offers. Technology is meant to simply our lives, but this can also be overloading or confusing.

Stockvels or group travel is my passion because this will be the future way of experiencing vacations, holidays, retreats, seminars etc. I hope you will find this site to be helpful and practical …

Have fun and enjoy!

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